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Are you undecided about whether or not to send your 6- to 12-year-old to (or back to) elementary Montessori school in 2021? Or have you already decided but are having second thoughts (presuming you have the option to stay or work at home or your significant other is able to stay or work at home). In these podcast episodes (part one and part two) I give you 1) a Montessori perspective through the eyes of an elementary child, 2) an "inside a 6 to 9 classroom view" on how Covid-19 might affect your child's Montessori educational experience, and lastly 3) how to look to your community and beyond for answers.

~Lisa Nolan

P.S. Feel free to download these episodes (as MP3s) and share them with other moms who might be undecided or having second thoughts.

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