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Read and Write the Montessori Way is designed for parents who want to incorporate Montessori language, reading, and writing into their home environment with children age two and one-half to five! This 135-page ebook/PDF includes:

  • over 20 lesson activities
  • a 45-page printer-friendly version (text only)
  • books to read

It is organized by age (three to five), easy to use, go at your own pace! Want to view a 19-page sample of my Reading and Writing the Montessori Way ebook PDF? (You can download it and save it to your computer.) Included in this sample are The Sensitive Period for Language; Montessori Language & Outline for Ages Three to Nine; The Classified Picture Cards; Sandpaper Letters or Sounds; and the ​ I Spy Game. (The table of contents in this sample is static, it is not clickable.) 

Want to buy the stand-alone ebook PDF? Visit my Montessori e-junkie shop by clicking hereOr get it for *f r e e* if you become a member! SAMPLE of Montessori Language Ebook PDF.pdf

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