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My Montessori in the Home FAQs for Birth to Nine 130-page, text-only, printer-friendly ebook (PDF) addresses the many challenges that parents face when implementing the Montessori Method in a home (or homeschool) environment with children aged birth to nine.

The ebook/PDF is divided into several sections: 

  • Infant FAQs
  • Toddler FAQs
  • Should You Montessori Homeschool? Questions and Answers
  • FAQs about Montessori Homeschooling
  • FAQs about Montessori Language, Reading, and Writing
  • FAQs about Montessori Subjects
  • FAQs about Behavior-Related Issues when Trying to Montessori Homeschool
  • The Child and the Montessori Environment
  • Montessori and non-Montessori resources

Want to buy the stand-alone ebook PDF? Visit my Montessori e-junkie shop by clicking here! Or get it for *f r e e* if you become a member! View the 59-page sample here (the table of contents is static, it is not clickable).

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