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Old Members

Where did the time go?

(My hubby and my son at Down syndrome day camp in 2012!)

Dear old members who joined two or more years ago:

Individual programs (0-24, 2-3, 4-5, etc.) were phased out. Hosting costs have increased over the years, while the income generated has decreased and it was unsustainable.

There is now a subscription-based program with:

  • much improved navigation and a new design
  • updated resources and links
  • in-house photo galleries (instead of going to SmugMug)
  • a private members-only Montessori podcast (hosted by Lisa Nolan)
  • a private members-only Montessori deals and steals blog

Coming soon: Audio (MP3) files of my PDF books and more!

And because you are an old member, you get a BIG discount.

  • Choice #1 Birth to Five: Subscribe yearly for 7.99 instead of 24.99 for access to 0 to 5.
  • Choice #2 Five to Nine: Subscribe yearly for 7.69 instead of 24.99 for access to 5 to 9. 
  • Choice #3 Birth to Nine: Subscribe yearly for 15.49 instead of 54.99 for access to 0 to 9.

And thank you for being a member, you literally put food on my family's table--and afforded my working at home so I could best care for my son's needs (and our two dogs and a cat, LOL). Again, I thank you! I hope you will continue your Montessori journey with me!


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Hugs from us to you! (Can you believe Jason just started middle school!)


If you click on my affiliate product links--and
make a purchase, I get a small commission. This
helps fund Montessori materials, activities, and
books I can get for my special needs son. A big THANK YOU
in advance of any purchases you make! ~Lisa Nolan