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TOP FIVE Recommended Homeschool and Montessori Books for Parents and Teachers


What Your First Grader Needs to Know : Fundamentals of a Good First Grade Education "Most popular!"
by E. D. Hirsch (Editor)

Book Description: "What will your child be expected to learn in the first grade? How can you help him or her at home? How can teachers foster active, successful learning in the classroom? This book answers these all-important questions and more, offering the specific shared knowledge that hundreds of parents and teachers across the nation have agreed upon for American first graders." ( editorial review.) "You just can't beat this book. Not only does it tell you what your child should be learning, it's right there for you. This isn't just a list of topics - it has the actual stories, biographies, math games, etc. right there for you. One of my favorite parts is the literature section. It has the basic stories, poems, fables, and sayings every well-rounded child should now. And the science and history sections have great introductions/overviews of topice - great for unit studies." ( customer spotlight review.)

Help Your Preschooler Build a Better Brain: Early Learning Activities for 2-6 Year Old Children by John Bowman 

"These activities help young children develop powerful brain architecture, a positive, confident self-image, and early reading, writing, math, and science skills - a great preparation for success in school. Most activities use common items parents may already have or which can be easily and inexpensively obtained."

"John Bowman's most rewarding work was being a Montessori primary teacher and center director. He opened three new Montessori preschool programs and was the first Director of the Garfield Montessori School in Denver, Colorado. His goals now are to encourage parents to do early learning activities with their children and to show them how."

Child-Sized Masterpieces for steps 1,2,3 of Mommy It's a Renoir (various levels) by Aline D. Wolf
"This is an excellent set of books. I went ahead and got all of them. Basically [they are] postcards of famous paintings. You cut them out and use them to help teach your younger children about art and artists and styles of art. You do this through a series of continually more challenging games.... Well worth the money." customer review

How to Use Child-Sized Masterpieces : A Parent and Teacher Handbook for Matching, Pairing, Sorting, and Sequencing Postcard-size reproductions
"In the art history manual, [How to Use] Childsize Materpieces, directions are given for organizing and presenting art postcards to children, from the simple stages of matching identical pictures, to laying out timelines of the schools of art through history. Each art postcard book contains 36 postcards, lableled and color coded on the back, ready to be cut out and placed in the correct folder.... For ages 2-12." --Child of the World, 2002-2003 edition, a Michael Olaf company

Montessori Read & Write
by L. Lawrence
"In Montessori Read & Write, Lynne Lawrence, a leading Montessori practitioner, shows you how you can teach your children to read and write using the famous Montessori system. The book is packed with ideas and age-specific activities and games that make learning easy and fun. It puts children on the straightest possible road to literacy, from those first steps in recognizing letters, sounds, and shapes through vocabulary-building and spelling competence to full reading fluency and creative writing skills. As a valuable bonus, Montessori Read & Write includes a list of special books that you and your child can enjoy reading together." editorial review Synopsis

"Making the world-renowned Montessori method available to all, this book will be welcomed by parents who wish to give their children a solid foundation in a set of basic skills that will benefit them for a lifetime. 80 color illustrations." editorial review

"The development of languge begins long before birth and continues to unfold intensely until he age of six. A sound beginning at this age will help for the rest of one's life. This book, by a leading Montessori practitioner, shows how to support language development, and to teach reading and writing the Montessori approach. It is useful for home and school." --Child of the World, 2002-2003 edition, a Michael Olaf company.

Teaching Montessori in the Home: The Pre-school Years
by Elizabeth G. Hainstock
"I have two small children and I also want them to be exposed to the Montessori method, however, I want to homeschool them as well. This seemed a formidable task until I found this book... which gives me the guidelines and instruction I need to successfully utilize the Montessori method in my own home. I highly recommend this book to all parents, whether homeschooling or not." customer review
"Hainstock's easy to understand format will be helpful to the parent who knows little or nothing about how to use the Montessori method. The instructions and presentation of each of the learning activities mentioned in this book, in my humble opinion, are excellent. Parents today are busy and they don't have time to wade through books with complicated, confusing information. Their time is valuable, and Hainstock is sensitive to this fact. She is also sensitive to the child and his or her needs. Her lessons truly represent Montessori in every way" customer review.