Want to become a member of Montessori for the Earth with Lisa Nolan? Choose one way to pay!

#1 WINTER SPECIAL! Pay for a one-year membership and get a second year for free (non-recurring, pay one time, expires after two years):

  • Birth to Nine 21.99
  • Six to Nine 19.99
  • Birth to Five 10.99
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(Winter Special ends 1/21/2022.)

#2 Lifetime membership (non-recurring, pay--at my E-junkie store--one time, does not expire):

  • Birth to Nine 39.99
  • Six to Nine 31.99
  • Birth to Five 22.99
  • Three to Five 19.99
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#3 Old members: If you are a returning member because your membership expired click here for a discount!

#4 Special discounts: Are you a military family, a first-responder family, or a medical field family? Do you have a child with special needs? If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions, click here for a special discount.

~Lisa Nolan

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