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1. If you subscribed/signed up and paid two or more years ago, please go here for more information.

2. Are you a new 2018 subscriber? Did you just pay/subscribe via PayPal, credit card, or debit card? You need to create a log in using your current email and a password. You can do that here It will take me a day or two to verify your payment and approve your subscription, thank you for your patience! Once you are approved, you can log in and access your Montessori under the "Access Your Montesssori" tab.

3. Did you subscribe/sign up and pay in mid to late 2016, or 2017 and can't log in because you forgot your password or it's not working? We cannot retrieve your password for you. Try creating a new password.

4. Do you use a Hotmail email account? Check your SPAM or junk-mail or trash folder/s for your "verify your email" message AFTER you create your account. However, it is better if you use a gmail or yahoo or other email address to create your account, to sign up and NOT a Hotmail email.

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