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Our Montessori Affiliate Program for Webmasters & Bloggers: Become one of our Montessori for the Earth affiliates today! 

You will receive a 30-50% commission on referal sales of our Montessori & homeschool programs and PDFs!

All you need to do is to send a visitor to our website via a special link (called an ‘affiliate link’), and if that visitor buys our Montessori programs or PDFs (using your affiliate link), you will get a 30-50%commission.

First, you need to open an e-junkie account--if you do not have one. Go here.

If you already have an e-junkie account, log in now, go here to log in. Then click here and it will add our program to your "affiliate account." Our affiliate program is called "Montessori for the Earth." We made some captures for you (down below), to help guide you through the process.

Feel free to contact us for any questions!


E-junkie Captures (Web Images)

Capture #1. Go to and create an account if you don't already have one (it will say free trial, but you do not need to pay the $5 per month fee to become an affiliate, only if you want to become a seller):

Capture #2. Log in here to your account if you already have an account, or after you create one:

Capture #3. Go to the "Affiliate Admin" section:

Capture #4. Click on the arrow in the "Your Affiliate Programs" box to the far right. If you do not see us listed, go to our affiliate page, click here and it will add us. Log back in or refresh your page. Go back to the "Affiliate Admin" section/area.

Capture #5. You should now see us in "Your Affiliate Programs" box, or scroll down to see us and click on it. Further down below you will see boxes for "Common Hop Links" and "Product-Specific Links..." and "Product Direct Links." Use those on your blog or website, etc., to sell our programs and or PDFs and get a commission.

Capture #6. You can also click on a product to get a specific link.


Here are some graphics for your blog or website, use your Montessori for the Earth affiliate link for any of these images. 

Text Links

Use the following text with your affiliate link/s:

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