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Montessori Lower Elementary

Children are not things to be molded,
but are people to be unfolded.~Jess Lair

What's Included in the Lower Elementary Subscription for Five- to Nine-Year-Olds
  • Lisa Nolan's Montessori lower elementary lesson plans and PDFs (Math, Fractions & Geometry, Language & Grammar, Science & Physics, Geography, History & Cosmic Education, Botany & Zoology). Most lesson plans have pictures, some have picture galleries (multiple pictures or photos), and others are text only. The lesson plans and PDFs (and FAQs, and articles below) are easy to download and save to your computer. Some of the lesson activities can be handmade or prepared with materials from home, others can be bought at Montessori suppliers.
  • Lisa Nolan's Montessori articles including Creating a Montessori Classroom/Environment In a Nutshell; Montessori Environment Shelves; The Elementary Child; The Elementary Environment; The Montessori Adult; and The Three Period Lesson
  • Lisa Nolan's Suggested weekly and monthly timelines for your lessons and activities.
  • Resources for what to buy or download, and where.  
  • Lisa Nolan's password protected picture galleries
  • Lisa Nolan's suggested monthly time lines
  • Lisa Nolan's outlines with time lines for: The Study of Artists and Their Art; Women Artists, and The Study of Art Styles; The Study of Musical Composers and Their Music; and The Study of Aesop's Fables.
  • One month of free consulting for ages four to nine, via Facebook or email!
"I'm thrilled to have found your resources. Your material is fantastic!  I have 5 & 8 yr old boys who have been in Montessori school since age 3. I can't afford it any more so they are at home this year."J. P.

1. Language, grammar, and function of words:
  • Phonograms Part One
  • Capital Letters
  • Cursive
  • Article Game
  • Noun & Adjective Game with Farm Animals
  • Logical Adjective & Noun Game (adjective relations to the nouns)
  • Detective Adjective Game with Triangles
  • Phonogram Word Lists Part Two
  • Poetry Basket
  • Simple Punctuation
  • Making Simple Sentences
  • Writing a Simple Essay
  • Conjunction Game with Roses
  • Preposition Games with Roses and Farm Animals
  • Verb Game
  • Verb Command Cards & Function of the Verb (moving towards interpretive reading)
  • Different Aspects of the Verb, exercises with verb tenses
  • Adverb Game
  • Logical Adverb Game
  • Journal Writing One, Two, Three, Four: keeping a daily journal for writing practice
  • Advanced Phonograms
  • Story about reading: "A Pair of Spectacles"
  • Introduction and Technical Presentation of The Secret Message (a reading exercise)
  • Two Different Levels of Reading (words and sentences and logical reading)
  • Reading Level, Words Activities
  • The Function of Words * Grammar for Reading and Writing Introduction
  • Nouns: Function of the Noun, The Noun Family, and The Multitude Story (the meaning of nouns)
  • Definite and indefinite articles with article box activities including writing labels
  • The Verb Family: verb, adverb, pronoun; and VF charts
  • A World of Grammar: conjunction & preposition
  • Interjection, an Introduction
  • Function of the Interjection: activities, name and etymology and symbol
  • The Grammar Boxes, an Introduction
  • The Noun Grammar box

2. Math:
  • Introduction to Math (brief review for 3-6)
  • Introduction to Golden Beads 1-1000
  • Introduction to Symbols 1-9000
  • Golden Beads & Symbols (Function of the Decimal System & Symbols)
  • Formation of Complex Numbers with Golden Beads and Symbols
  • Simple Addition with Golden Beads
  • Addition or Positive Snake Game
  • Addition Strip Board
  • Subtraction Simple with Golden Beads
  • Addition Charts
  • Subtraction Negative Snake Game
  • Subtraction Negative Strip Boards
  • Subtraction Charts
  • Carrying
  • Dynamic Addition with Golden Beads
  • Dynamic Subtraction with Golden Beads
  • Skip Counting
  • Subtraction Stamp Game
  • Subtraction in Stages
  • Cube Chain of Five
  • 100 Chain
  • 1000 Chain
  • The Stamp Game
  • Simple Addition with the Stamp Game
  • Simple Subtraction Stamp Game
  • Dynamic Addition with the Stamp Game picture gallery here
  • Dynamic Subtraction with the Stamp Game
  • Multiplication Tables with Colored Beads
  • Multiplication with Golden Beads
  • Dynamic Multiplication with Golden Beads
  • Simple Division with Golden Beads
  • Multiplication with the Stamp Game
  • Dynamic Multiplication with Stamp Game
  • Multiplication Board
  • Multiplication Charts
  • Dynamic Division with Golden Beads
  • Long Division with Golden Beads
  • Short Bead Frame
  • The Dot Game Addition
  • Linear Counting with 100 Bead Chain advanced
  • Powers of Numbers (Bead Board of Powers)
3. Geometry:
  • Introduction to Geometry
  • Introduction to the Square of Pythagoras
  • Square of Pythagoras
  • Cones & Cylinders
  • Cubes
  • Polygons
  • Prisms
  • Pyramids
  • Geometry Commands 1-39 (39 activities)
  • The Line and Its Parts
  • Nomenclature and Details of Geometry
  • The Sticks
  • Presentation of the Plane
  • Position of a Straight Line
  • Three Concepts from Space to the Plane
  • Two Straight Lines Lying in the Same Plane
  • Two Straight Parallel Lines
  • Divergent Lines
  • Convergent Lines
  • Prolonging the Lines
  • Study of Angles
  • Introductory Lesson
  • Naming
  • Halves
  • Thirds
  • Fraction Tickets (writing fraction symbols)
  • Equivalents
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
5. Science preschool 3 to 6 experiments:
  • Bubbles
  • Air
  • Sink & Float
  • Boats
  • Syphon
  • Two Jars
  • Post Card
  • Candle in Glass
  • Shadows
  • Three Stages of Matter
  • Magnet Sort
  • Hidden Magnet
  • Compass
6. Geography
  • Intro to Geography: "The child in the Montessori environment needs to perfect her senses. After six years of age she realizes that there is a larger environment than her family and she wants to..."
  • Needs of People of the World
  • Spiritual Needs of People of the World
  • Environments
  • Flags-
  • Peace Education: "The essentials of education for peace are built into the Montessori curriculum at every level.  At the preschool stage when children are in an absorbent state of mind (Philosophy & Psychology), they are exposed to the Continents of the World and the Peoples of the World (Geography Curriculum), thus providing the basis for a global view of life and humanity's part in it. At the elementary stage students are..."
  • Land Forms Construction
  • Land Forms Presentation
  • Land Forms Make Cards ("Cutting Land Forms")
  • Land Forms and Globe
  • Land Forms Nomenclature
  • Impressionistic Geography Charts Experiments Introduction--text only
  • Impressionistic Geography Charts Experiments 1 to 44--text only
  • Impressionistic Geography Charts Set One 1-28a--access to online picture gallery
7. History, telling time, and Cosmic Education:
  • Birthday Time Line (first introduction to concept of history and time)
  • The Clock first lessons
  • Telling Time lesson
  • Introduction to Concept of Actual Time lesson
  • Hour
  • One Half Hour
  • One Quarter Hour
  • Minutes
  • History Introduction (Elementary)
  • History from Maria Montessori's Pedagogical Anthropology, Introduction
  • Introduction to Concept of Regular Unit of Measure (Time)
  • Calendars, One Year Time Line, Child's Life Time Line and Family Time Line, and A Short History of Child's Life
  • The Year and Its Parts
  • Introduction to Cosmic Education
  • God Who Has No Hands
  • Fundamental Needs of Man/People for 6-9 (Review)
  • History of Fundamental Needs of Man/People: Stages in Progress of Civilization
  • The Clock of Eras
  • Time Line of the Clock of Eras
  • Clock of Eras Definitions
  • Clock of Eras online picture gallery
  • History of Creation: The Story of the Drop of Water for the Clock of Eras (The Second Cosmic Tale)
9. Botany and zoology:
  • Botany Introduction
  • Botany Outline
  • Plant Experiment
  • Mono cot and Di cot
  • Parts of a Real Plant, Leaf, Root
  • Parts of a Plant Cards
  • Parts of a Flower Activities
  • Zoology Introduction (review 3 to 6)
  • Zoology Outline (3 to 6 and 6 to 9)
  • Zoology Animal Classified Cards (review 3 to 6)
  • The Study of Nature--text only: Outings
  • The First Knowledge of the Animal Kingdom: Classified Nomenclature for Zoology: Animal Story Card Games--with pictures (knowledge of animal kingdom and reading practice)
  • The animal stories for the above--text only (46 stories in all, invertebrates and vertebrates)
  • First Classification of the Animal Kingdom: introduction with zoology charts & labels including invertebrates and vertebrates
  • First Classification of the Animal Kingdom continued with zoology charts and definitions
  • Classified Nomenclature for Internal & Other Parts of Vertebrates: a more detailed study of vertebrates as they relate to evolution/creation (fish, amphibians, reptiles)
  • Classified Nomenclature for External & Other Parts of Vertebrates: a more detailed study of vertebrates as they relate to evolution/creation (birds, mammals)
  • The labels for the classification charts (55 labels)
10. Physics 6 to 9 experiments (part of the Great Lessons curriculum and Cosmic Education)
Physics experiments set one:
  • Cold--freezing
  • The formation of the star
  • Solid, liquid, gas
  • Liquid, viscous
  • Passing from solid to liquid to gas
  • Passing from gas to liquid to solid
  • Particles which love each other and which don’t (mix)
  • Chemical combination of gas
  • Crystallization
  • Chemical reaction
  • Precipitation
  • Properties of solids, liquid, and gas
  • Elastic, plastic, rigid
  • Matter changes at different temperatures
  • Law of gravity
  • Rapidity of cooling and mass of bodies
  • Volcano
  • Matter expands when it is heated
  • Quick evaporation
Physics experiments set two (32 experiments, too many to list)

TWO free Montessori ebooks/PDFs by Lisa Nolan (a 7.98 value) included in the 5-9 age group.

1) Montessori in the Home FAQs for Birth to Nine is a 130-page, text-only, printer-friendly ebook (PDF). It addresses the many challenges that parents face when implementing the Montessori Method in a home (or homeschool) environment with children age birth to nine (a 3.99 value)!

The ebook/PDF is divided into several sections:
  • Infant FAQs
  • Toddler FAQs
  • Should You Montessori Homeschool? Questions and Answers
  • FAQs about Montessori Homeschooling
  • FAQs about Montessori Language, Reading, and Writing
  • FAQs about Montessori Subjects
  • FAQs about Behavior-Related Issues when Trying to Montessori Homeschool
  • The Child and the Montessori Environment
  • Montessori and non-Montessori resources
Sample of PDF:

(This ebook/PDF is not a Montessori album.)

2) The Introduction to Montessori Art, Music, and Poetry Plus Planner ebook/PDF (a 3.99 value) is designed for parents who want to incorporate Montessori art, music, and poetry into their home environment with children age birth to nine. This 112-page ebook/PDF also includes an organizer and a three-month planner, as well as:
  • simple lesson activities
  • text only for easy printing
  • links to photo galleries at SmugMug
  • resources (like what and where to buy)
  • suggested books to read
Sample PDF:
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