Montessori Homeschool for Four- and Five-Year-Olds

What's included in my Montessori Homeschool for 4s and 5s membership​: 

My Montessori Pre-K and Kindergarten lesson activities in sensorial, practical life, language, math, and geography. Some of the lesson activities can be handmade or prepared with materials from home, others can be bought at Montessori suppliers. 

My Montessori documents, including Creating a Montessori Classroom Environment In a Nutshell; Montessori Environment Shelves; The Montessori Adult; The Three Period Lesson; Peace Education and Conflict Resolution; and Social Grace and Courtesy, Discipline Quick FAQs, and Care of the Environment Quick FAQs. 

Thanks for the excellent lessons! They are super. Just the sort of thing we will really enjoy. Wow, a Montessori teacher AND a mind reader! :) ~Monica