Montessori Homeschool for Four- and Five-Year-Olds

What's included: 

Montessori Methodology and Philosophy articles: Absorbent Mind; Sensitive
Periods; Setting up a Montessori Environment for 3 to 5-Year-Olds; Questions
About How to Create a Montessori Home Environment; The Home Preschool;
Nurturing the Child's Home Environment; The Three Period Lesson; Creating
Some Activities; The Montessori Adult; Independently Working; Observing Your
Child in the Montessori Environment; Indirect Preparation; Movement and
Independence; The Human Embryo; Siblings, Lessons, and Working Together;
Social Grace & Courtesy; Peace Education; Conflict Resolution; Discipline Quick
FAQs; and Care of the Environment Quick Tips.

Sensorial, Practical Life, and Early Sciences: Color Box 3; Baric Tablets;
Geometric Cabinet Puzzle Shapes and Geometric Cards; Smelling Bottles; Sound
Cylinders; Thermic Bottles; Dressing Frames; and DIY outdoor and care of the
environment activities.

The Sciences: Animals of the World, People of the World, and Continent Puzzle Maps. Zoology Animal Classified Cards; Zoology Animal Classified Cards; Botany and Plants Monocot and Dicot; Parts of a Real Plant, Leaf, Root, and Parts of a Plant Cards; Parts of a Flower; Leaf Cabinet and cards. Science Experiments (Bubbles, Air, Sink & Float, Boats,, Boats 2, Syphon, Two Jars, Post Card, Candle in Glass, Shadows, Three Stages of Matter, Magnet Sort, Hidden Magnet, Compass)

Language and Math: Early spelling and writing with the Movable Alphabet,
Writing on the Line, tracing; labeling, and dictation and phonograms. Introduction
to Reading and the First Reading Lesson with Object Box. The study of Aesop's
fables. Cards & Counters--1-10; Teen Beads and Teen Boards; and Ten Beads &
Ten Boards.

Are you "temporarily homeschooling" due to the Corona Virus and school closures? If yes, please contact me after your membership is approved so I can help you NOT get overwhelmed and offer you some tips. ~Lisa Nolan!

Thanks for the excellent lessons! They are super. Just the sort of thing we will really enjoy. Wow, a Montessori teacher AND a mind reader! :) ~Monica