Montessori for Toddlers and Two- and Three-Year-Olds

What's Included

My Montessori ebooks:

  • My 99-page Montessori Organizer ebook for 3 to 6
  • My Montessori in the Home FAQs for Birth to Nine 130-page ebook
  • My Read and Write the Montessori Way 84-page ebook
  • My Introduction to Montessori Art, Music, and Poetry 109-page ebook

Montessori Methodology and Philosophy articles: Absorbent Mind; Sensitive Periods; Setting up a Montessori Environment for Toddlers and 3 to 5-Year-Olds; Questions About How to Create a Montessori Home Environment; The Home Preschool; Nurturing the Child's Home Environment; The Three Period Lesson; Creating Some Toddler Activities and Giving Lessons to Toddlers; The Montessori Adult; Independently Working; Observing Your Child in the Montessori Environment; Indirect Preparation; Movement and Independence; The Human Embryo; Siblings, Lessons, and Working Together; Social Grace & Courtesy; Peace Education; Conflict Resolution; Discipline Quick FAQs; and Care of the Environment Quick Tips.

Also: Must-Have Materials List, Supply List, and Making and Buying Materials (in a nutshell); Timeline (for giving lessons), a Daily Routine, and Circle Time. Practical Life and Social Grace & Courtesy: Make and give lessons for care of the home environment and care of the self; develop pre math sequencing skills; learn open, close, zips, and snaps; sponging; cleaning; sweeping; pouring; scrubbing; food cutting; spooning; tongs; and washing. Social Grace and Courtesy; Conflict Resolution; Care of the Environment FAQs; and Discipline FAQs.

Sensorial and Math (Numbers 0-9 and Counting 1-10): Make or buy and give lessons on sorting large and small objects; fabrics; Froebel Bag; Geometric Solids and Bases; Cylinder Blocks; Advanced Cylinder Blocks; Color Box 1; Color Box 2; Thermic Tablets; Pink Tower; Brown Stairs; Touch (Tactile) Boards; and Touch (Tactile) Tablets. Early Counting with Objects, and Home-Made Counting; Number Rods; Counting 1-10; Sand Paper Numbers 1-9; Spindle Boxes; Color Bead Stair.

Early Science, Geography, and Zoology: Boat Experiment; Bubbles and Air Experiments; and Sink and Float. Land and Water Forms; Match Land and Water Forms to Cards; Land and Water Globe; World Globe or Color Globe. Insect Matching; Introduction to Animals; and Classify Animals.

Art and Language: Develop beginning drawing skills and pre-art skills with the geometric-shaped Metal Insets; develop fine motor and creativity with clay; make simple DIY toddler-to-threes art projects. Increase language and vocabulary with The Classified Picture Cards; develop pre-reading skills and learn beginning first sounds with The I Spy Game; develop pre-writing skills and pre-reading skills, and practice early writing with the Sand Paper Sounds/Letters.