Montessori for Toddlers and Two- and Three-Year-Olds

What's included in my Montessori 2s and 3 membership: 

My lesson activities for twos and threes in practical life, sensorial, zoology, science, art, language, math, geography, and Social Grace & Courtesy. Some of the lesson activities can be handmade or prepared with materials from home, others can be bought at Montessori suppliers.

My Montessori documents and FAQs : The Absorbent Mind; The Sensitive Periods; Setting up a Montessori Environment for 3 to 5-Year-Olds; Questions About How to Create a Montessori Home Environment; Nurturing the Child's Home Environment; The Home Preschool; The Three Period Lesson; The Montessori Adult; Independently Working; Observing Your Child in the Montessori Environment; and Peace Education and Conflict Resolution including Social Grace and Courtesy, Discipline Quick FAQs, and Care of the Environment Quick FAQs.

Examples of FAQs for 2 to 3: My two-year-old seems interested in new activities, but then she will swat at the materials, sweeping everything off the table or across the floor. Do you know what this might mean? Or do you have any suggestions for me on this behavior? How do you tell if my toddler has mastered an activity? When do other toddlers recognize individual letters? Should I be working on that? Is it too early to start with sandpaper letters and phonics? I'm having some difficulty encouraging my 27-month-old to stay engaged in one activity after introducing it. What do I do?