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If hope and salvation are to come,
they can only come from the children,
for the children are the makers of men. ~Maria Montessori

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Buy Sell Facebook Group

I have revamped my Facebook group, Montessori on a Budget, as a buy sell group for non-ship Montessori items: PDF bundles, ebooks, TpT and e-junkie printables, zip files, audio/MP3s, streaming video, and workshops.

The group will re open on Wednesday August 22nd!

I have invited over 20 of the top Montessori and homeschool bloggers and educators to share their affordable non-ship goods with you!

If you are not a member, or if you were a member and would like to re join, please message me on my Facebook page with your email, the one you use for Facebook (I will not use or abuse your email for anything else AT ALL, promise).

Thank you!

~Lisa Nolan

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If you click on our affiliate product links--and make a purchase, we get a small commission. This helps fund Montessori materials, activities, and books we can get for our families. A big THANK YOU in advance of any purchases you make!