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Welcome to online Montessori and homeschool with Lisa Nolan! I am Lisa Nolan, the Montessori trained 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 teacher with over 30 years of experience, and a homeschool mom. Learn more about me here! 

I offer Montessori and homeschool memberships for parents and homeschoolers of infants, tots, toddlers, preschool, Kindergarten, and lower elementary children. 

I just wanted to say thank you again, there is so much in here. I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and now you have given me a path to follow. I am looking forward to getting back on the path and figuring out where we are, what comes next, and having fun! Thank you so much.~Carol

Memberships include access to my Montessori lessons (based on which age groups you choose).

My monthly/weekly timelines for which lessons to give and when (based on which age groups you choose). My Montessori monthly themes include botany, zoology, culture, STEM, peacemakers, famous artists, and composers.

My Montessori ebooks:

  • My 99-page Montessori Organizer ebook for 3 to 6
  • My Montessori in the Home FAQs for Birth to Nine 130-page ebook
  • My Read and Write the Montessori Way 84-page ebook
  • My Introduction to Montessori Art, Music, and Poetry 109-page ebook

My members-only Montessori and homeschool podcast (with no ads, no promotions, and no affiliate links, none!).

100s of resources for where to buy materials (or get for free--when applicable)...  with no ads, no promotions, and no affiliate links, none!

Most importantly, by becoming a paying member, you will save so much time, money, and energy!

I do (and have done) all the work for you so you can spend more time with (and money on) your family!

Just think of me and my membership site as your guiding light in a vast Montessori ocean!

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~Lisa Nolan

(My son and his buddy Jackson, exploring a local beach when they were tots!)

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"I am happy to be here as an affiliate of Montessori for the Earth's affordable, online Montessori programs for birth to age nine. The founder [Lisa Nolan] is a Montessori-trained 3 to 6 and 6 to 9 teacher with 25 years of experience. I met her on the Internet many years ago through her Montessori blogs and joined her Montessori Bloggers Network where we support and network with new and established Montessori-inspired bloggers." ~Deb Chitwood of Living Montessori Now

"Thank you so much for the lovely information! My youngest daughter is having her second child and I wanted to study more about Montessori and Infants. I am AMS certified for pre-primary (2 1/2 to 6 ) and I teach on-line Montessori Courses. I will be sure to direct my over 200 students to you for information on infants!"~Karen Tyler of KHT Montessori [previously World Wide Montessori On-Line Center, Montessori Teacher Training]

"I just wanted to say thank you again, there is so much in here. I was feeling lost and overwhelmed and now you have to give me a path to follow. I am looking forward to getting back on the path and figuring out where we are, what comes next, and having fun!  Thank you so much." ~Carol

"Really am grateful for your site, it has been a real lifesaver: me (esp. my mental state, hehe); my kids (understanding them better); my whole family (keeping it together!)...words are not enough really for the guidance that you and what your work has done!

"I just bought your homeschooling curriculum for my 21-month-old! It's fantastic! I LOVEEEEE your blog and all of your ideas! You are truly an inspiration!" ~Ashley Finestone

"I am so impressed with your work! What a treasure trove you have shared with me. I feel excited to go through it all and I am relieved that I can stop searching around the blogosphere to figure things out!" ~Aylin (Military family)

"Thanks so very much for all your help. As soon as I received your email we started to apply all that you advised to us and...I T WORKED! Everything is back to normal and more fun now since he is enjoying so much being able to use his own little pitcher, sponge, and more. We were really on track (we have been following you since Lukah was two months old!) but this cup throwing was causing me headaches and cuts (LOL we all walk barefoot at home!). Thank you for helping me to get centered again, thank you for the time you took to write this email explaining the why and proposing a great solution! Lisa, You are phenomenal!"--Silvana

"Wow Lisa, what you have created is amazing. Thank you Lisa and let me say how much I admire your knowledge, experience, and work you are doing with your son. I just looked into the pages and I am so totally overwhelmed that I am speechless..."--Ewelina Sobiecka

"I finally had a chance to explore your program and I must say that I really LOVE it. The information you share is amazing! The sites that you have listed and the youtube videos are filled with more information than I ever expected for the small fee that you charge. I am so happy to have found you!! The children in my care and I will benefit from your ideas and research. Thanks again for all of the guidance."--Pam K.

"Thank you for the wealth of information you are making available. I received my AMI diploma for the Primary Classroom from the Washington Montessori Institute at Loyola College of Maryland in 2007. I am now a stay-at-home mom. God bless you as you continue to educate the masses and care for your precious child. What you are doing is invaluable. Thank you!"--Jody Trainor (Babies Infants Tots program)

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your [infant] ideas! I'm a Montessori teacher myself, but right now I'm a stay-at-home mom. Even if I guess I could have figured some of [the infant activities] out, it is so nice to have a list of lessons to implement. Again, thank you!"--Sophie

"Thank you for such a resourceful website. You don't know how much you are helping me"--A.T.

"Thank you so much for this great feedback. I've been following your advice. It works!"--M.
"I love your site-it's exactly what I spent 6 months looking for! The biggest help was the daily routine and how you set things up--knowing what someone else's Prepared Environment looked like really helped in creating ours. And when you get your child a plant to take care of, don't get a cactus."--Peggy

"Thank you so much for your understanding and down-to-earth response to the travails of toddlerhood in our household!"--D.

"Your program is outstanding!! Thanks..."--Ashley

"I really appreciate this program. He loves to work at the activities. They are playing to him but he is learning so much. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions."--Jessica

"Thanks a lot for always being so helpful with your replies... you have helped me a lot for the last two years... you have worked hard on providing us with these wonderful learning, parenting tools... And I want to let you know that the changes you have made to the website are wonderful, and I love it that you personalize it with real photos. I loved seeing your photos and you and your darling little boy and I loved reading your personal blog."--Viviane

"I'm thrilled to have found your resources. Your material is fantastic! I have 5 & 8 yr old boys who have been in Montessori school since age 3. I can't afford it anymore so they are at home this year." J. P.

"You've done a phenomenal job putting together these materials!"--C. P.

"Thank you so much for what you have created. This has been so wonderful."--R. G.

"Thanks, Lisa... Your program looks wonderful, I'm making sandpaper letters right now!"--Kate

"Thank you so much for your guidance, it will be such a help to stay in contact through the option of email, which is very reassuring."--A. C.

"Thank you so much! I love your lesson plans and will be getting the next [program] this year! God Bless"--R.H.

"I love your blog... everything you do. You are a true blessing to so many! After trying out your homeschool activities for a little while last year...I went ahead and decided to Montessori homeschool, my 3 children. I love the Montessori philosophy."--Christy

"I wanted to tell you how relieved I am to have the Montessori activities for my daughter. I worked in a Montessori school... and I wouldn't change that experience for the world... it changed my entire outlook on everything....15 years later [with] my 1st child I needed a refresher and you provided that for me. It dawned on me that I rarely bought toys for her at the store because I was never convinced they were going to aid in her development so I started my Montessori search on the internet and found you. For the price of 1/2 of a toy at Target, I have enough activities to keep my daughter "working" for a long time and I feel that I can do a better job of offering a more natural environment for her to grow in. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"--c_lisat

"I really appreciate this program. He loves to work at the [toddler] activities. They are playing to him but he is learning so much."--Jessica

"Thank you so much for the service you provide! My son is 11 months old and definitely more focused on motor skills and trying to stand right now, so we're taking it easy on the other activities. I really appreciate that you offer answers to everything the books don't explain."--Rowena

"I also ordered the 3-year-old [program] and we are loving it! Thanks!"--Crystal

"Thanks so much for my ebook, it looks great, I have been glued to it for the last half an hour and I can't wait to print it off and read it through properly."--Jane

"Thank you and I will be passing along this fabulous website to friends who are now becoming interested in Montessori."--Heidi
"I can't thank you enough for getting right back to me. You sound wonderful and have really given me hope in working with my grandson. I'd be happy to get the information together concerning FAS for you..."--Mary Jane

"Thank you so much for your quick response... It was really helpful to read your answers to my questions, and I feel much more relaxed about it all... Thanks again!"--Fiona

"I have to thank you for taking the initiative to set up such a wonderful program and for making it available to parents all over the world. Both Sophie and I look forward to [doing] your lessons each week." --Lianne

"[We] cannot wait to see what is next in your programs, please tell me how I can help you in return to thank you for all those valuable [words of] advice."-- Viviane in Gambia - West Africa

"Thanks so much, MEARTH! I'm very pleased with the layout of your [activities] and lessons. They are well suited for someone with Montessori experience and knowledge like me, yet just as informative and user-friendly for my husband and baby's grandparents-to-be to pick up and follow. Well done!!!!"--Renay

"Hi, just a quick thank you for all the info you are sending my way. I am so glad that I ordered this. Keep up the good work!!!!!"--Lore:))))

"I'm telling all my girlfriends about your fabulous service and site! Worth every penny!"-- Heidi Aspen Rhoades

"I sincerely appreciate your lessons, they have been easy to adapt to [my child's] age and so informative. You've done a great job putting these lessons together. Thanks!"--Robin

"Also wanted to say that I have been enjoying reading the articles on your site and that Karen and I have had fun with the first exercise. It's amazing how something as simple as tracking can hold her attention for so long. Thanks!"--Susan Jones

"Oh, these are wonderful! This is the stuff that she likes to do. I have to laugh at wiping your nose though. I tried to teach her to "blow her nose" and now it is a game for her! I am glad you sent the lessons because I had no idea where to start. Thank you!"--Lissa

"Thank you so much for your thoughtful response. It really helps and gives me a lot to think about, and some very concrete ways we can focus on meeting [our children] needs through this move. We have a lot of changes about us over the next few months, with me going back to work full-time, dad taking over the stay-at-home parent duties, and moving to a new place. Your thoughts on making these adjustments smoothly are just extraordinarily helpful and appreciated!"--Ashley

"I've been wanting to tell you -- Rhea just loves the activities. Thanks!"--Ashley McIlvain

"Your lessons and advice have been very helpful, particularly as I'm a payroll mother and don't have a lot of time with my son: your service is an excellent way to stay in tune with his development, and with him, and helps us to grow together. We like Montessori!"--Petit Canard

"Your information has been extremely helpful over these past few weeks. They have been right on target developmentally for my son.....I had to work when my first son went through all these milestones and this information is allowing me to enjoy these moments even more with my younger son now that I am able to be at home with the both of them...."--Renee

"I don't mean to be overly dramatic but I'm ecstatic about these lessons!... I never dreamed of extending the Montessori approach into our own Outdoor Classroom or a Montessori Home Environment, I just didn't know what great things you can do with infants and young toddlers! I'm just gaga over Montessori!!! And your lessons!!! It's also so nice to be able to talk to [correspond by e-mail with] someone else who loves it---My husband shares my strong belief in the philosophy, but he can only take so much!!! I could probably talk about it all day long!!! :0)"--Kristin

"Hi, Lisa. I want to thank you for everything... I appreciate all your assistance and everything you've done. You answered all my pressing questions and concerns and I feel like I've found a better direction for our Montessori homeschool environment! And that's HUGE!"--Kristin

"I did the toddler program with you with my other son who is 2 1/2 earlier in the fall. THANK YOU so much for it --- I meant to say so earlier. Your activities were really wonderful and helped to tide us through until he was able to get into a preschool setting."-- :)Christina

"Thanks again for all of the easy to understand links and info. One of the things that grated on my nerves about my Montessori training was the all or nothing approach. I felt like if the children picked up something the "wrong" way all was lost. I don't feel that judgment from your material. I know it is best to hold as fast and true to the original as possible but sometimes it isn't practical. I am looking forward to integrating as much Montessori as possible into my own style of teaching with my children. This is definitely giving me a place to start."--Cheryl

"Hi! thanks so much for the wonderful resources. we are living in Sakhalin, Russia so we are so excited that with your program Stephen will be able to experience the Montessori methods. thanks again!" --Jackie

"I have truly enjoyed reading the materials... Thank you! They were a blessing to my day. I learned many things already and was inspired to reorganize my environment... Thank you for the reminder of how precious children are and that I am the example and I need to rise to the occasion more." Nancy Pendergast

"Thanks for the excellent lessons! They are super. Just the sort of thing we will really enjoy. Wow, a Montessori teacher AND a mind reader! :) " Monica

"I loved your program. I found it very helpful... I teach head start in San Diego. We are not Montessori but I have the training and try to add Montessori when possible. Your site was very good." Diane Sabeghi

"I wrote some time ago about homeschooling curriculum... My daughter has gone to Montessori school from the ages of 3-6. I think it would be a shame if I was unable to continue offering her the Montessori education at home, just because we will be living rurally... Thank you very much!" Martha McBride

"The site is most informative for those of us at home who want quality education. There seem to be so many different ways to teach the reading and writing skills, so one uniform method we can follow is good." Judy W.