Montessori Organizer

The Montessori Organizer is designed for moms who are beginning their journey into incorporating Montessori in their home environment! It is over 90 pages long, printer friendly, black and white text, easy to use, go at your own pace, and created by a trained Montessori teacher and mom! It includes a list of must-haves for two- and three-year olds, and a “how to” on giving a Three-Period Lesson. It is ideal for preschool-age children, but can also work for toddlers age 24 months and up (they grow fast)! We will have a 6-9 homeschool organizer in the coming months.

The Montessori Organizer will organize by 1) Montessori subjects, 2) months of the year, 3) seasons, and 4) themes. You will be able to list 1) materials including DIY and printables, affordable, and expensive, 2) list Montessori sellers, 3) list lessons you have given, 3) list YouTube lessons to watch, 4) list rooms in the home environment, 5) list Montessori blogs, books, groups of interest, and much more!

This organizer is NOT a Montessori album. It does NOT include lessons or activities. It does NOT include images or photos. It does NOT include a filled-in list of Montessori materials to buy/make. For lessons, etc., consider instead our Montessori programs for birth to nine here.

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We hope you enjoy our organizer! Feel free to contact us with any comments, feedback, and or suggestions!

~Lisa Nolan & Montessori for the Earth


Photo credit: chaim zvi via / CC BY-NC


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